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The mid-range mobility scooters are ideal for people who do not need a transportable option but do not want the full size of a 8mph scooter which can be to big for some cutomers but still want the full benefits and features of a full size class 3 8mph scooter. The Mid range is a new generation of mobility scooter which offers all the features of the smaller class 2 scooters and all the benefits of the larger class 3 8mph scooters. Its easy to see how this new class of scooter has become the most popular. Quality, Quantity and Budget....... this class covers it all. 

This is just a small selection of what we have available in stock at our Cleethorpes Store.

The Aneta 8

The Aneta 8 is our first mid size 8mph scooter from the successful Cyprus range, exclusively available at Cleethorpes Mobility. The Aneta 8 has been built and designed to be a heavy duty daily use scooter with peerless build quality and unrivaled reliability. The Aneta 8 has a battery range of 25 miles and a user weight of 21 stone. For more info click below.

The Midi XLS From Kymco

The Midi XLS from Kymco is one of the most popular mid size scooters available on the market today and for good reason. Effortless comfort, superb build quality combined with a variable 4/8 mph and a battery range in excess of 20 miles make the Midi XLS a true game changer in the mid size market..

Kymco midi XLS Cleethorpes Mobility

The Colt deluxe From Pride

The Monarch Sprint 8

The sleek, sporty 6 mph Colt Deluxe mobility scooter from the ‘Pride® Scooter’ range delivers smooth performance and all-new advanced standard features including front and rear suspension, high-visibility automatic brake lights, feather-touch disassembly, an LED kerb light and a wraparound delta tiller.

The Sprint 8 Mobility Scooter features Comfort front and rear independent suspension for high performance. Offering a sleek, modern design and a full complement of standard features, including a delta tiller with wraparound handles and a luggage compartment, the Monarch Sprint 8 is an excellent mobility scooter option with its impressive 25 mile range and 25 stone capacity

The Colt Deluxe From Pride
sprint8-red-600x600 (1).jpg

The Mayfair 8 From Freerider

The sleek, sporty 6 mph Mayfair mobility scooter from the ‘Freerider’ range delivers smooth performance and all-new advanced standard features including front and rear suspension.

The Colt Plus From Pride

Pride Mobility Product Ltd are proud to re-launch the Colt Plus due to popular demand and desire for a cost effective mid-range 4 mph scooter.

With a half back seat and pneumatic alloy style tyres, the Colt Plus still offers some excepional features at an afforable price.

The Freerider Mayfair 8mph Scooter
The Pride Colt Plus

The Kensington 8 Deluxe

The Vogue Sport 8

The solid, robust 8 mph Kensington mobility scooter from the Freerider range delivers smooth performance and all-new advanced standard features including pneumatic all terrain tyres, ultimate comfort, robust reliability and ultra bright lighting. The Kensington is built to last and built to take the knocks.

The Vecta Sport From Monarch is simply the best mid size 8mph scooter on the market. The Vecta has a superbly comfortable drive, assisted by full suspension and a ultra comfortable full size Captain Chair. The Vecta also has a class leading battery range of 35 miles. The benefits are endless with LED lights, run flat tyres, alloy wheels and superb style. Combine this with class leading reliability and its easy to see why the Vecta is the best scooter on the market.

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