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The Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0


The improved Colt Deluxe 2.0 from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd, offers a modern design. With its unique drive system and exclusive non-scuffing, black, low-profile tyres* it offers compact mobility. The Colt Deluxe 2.0 features an additional USB charging port, storage/cupholder and frosted LED headlights, perfect for manoeuvrability, comfort and safety.

The Colt Sport 2.0 8mph 


The all new Colt Sport is fully loaded with sporty style and advanced features, including a DX Tiller, LED headlights and an advanced suspension seat post as well as an all new memory foam adjustable seat.

Drive at speeds up to 8 mph and see what life has in store for you!

The Baja Bandit


Experience the thrill of the outdoors with the BAJA Bandit. As the first of its kind in the UK, this compact 8mph scooter is designed for rough terrains thanks to its superior suspension and innovative braking system. Powered by lightweight lithium batteries for extended range, the BAJA Bandit is your ticket to adventurous off-road exploration.

The Kymco Midi XLS

Kymco Midi XLS

The Kymco Midi XLS is an enduring favourite amongst large mobility scooters. The powerful batteries don’t need to be removed in order for you to charge them and will allow you to journey up to 23 miles at a time. Top speed for this model is 8mph. Thanks to the comfortable swivel and slide padded seat with headrest, you’ll enjoy a luxurious mobility experience on your journeys.

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