Strider ST3

Strider ST3

The ST3 offers the best of all worlds. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for a compact yet powerful scooter, which is still extremely simple to dismantle. For maximum driving comfort the scooter has easy to adjust handlebars and armrests, and a supportive height adjustable seat.

High range and weight capacity
As a powerful Class 2 scooter, the ST3 has a higher range than the ST1 and ST2 – up to 10 miles from a full charge. It also has
an increased 20st/130kg user capacity and a wider, angle adjustable seat for comfort. With higher ground clearance, the ST3 offers great outdoor performance but is still very easy to drive indoors.

Quick and easy to dismantle
For easy assembling and dismantling, the ST3 has a wireless battery box, so you don't have to think about plugs or wires. The ST3's compact and lightweight frame splits easily into five pieces for transporting or storing, and features a rear bumper lifting handle for effortless carrying.

The ST3 has the same standard features as the ST1, plus the following:

Additional Features:

Increased range and weight capacity
Thumb lever driving controls
Puncture-proof tyres
Front shopping basket
Plug and wire free connections
Splits for transportation and storage
Can be stored upright to save space
Handle for lifting
Increased ground clearance
Wider seat with height and angle adjustment
  • Details

    Safety Anti Roll Back System
    Free-wheel Lever
    Rear bumper lifting handle
    Supportive height adjustable seat
    21 stone user weight
    Movable Tiller
    Non slip rubber foot-well mats
    Front Shopping Basket
    15 Mile Max Range
    Increased ground clearance



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