Kymco Mini LS

Kymco Mini LS

The Kymco Mini LS mobility scooter is an upgraded version of the Kymco Mini S. That mobility scooter was very successful, and this newer model has the same advantages with additions that come as standard features. The Kymco brand got its start in the motorcycle industry, so you can rest assured the manufacturer understands how to make high-quality motorised vehicles.

Take the Kymco Mini LS travel scooter with you whenever you want the freedom to remain maximally independent at home or when away. Although it is capable of carrying passengers who weigh up to 21 stone its design is light in weight and the heaviest piece of the scooter is only 19.5 kilograms. It has wireless control engineering that makes the Kymco Mini LS even easier to take apart for transportation in the boot of a car.

Because the Kymco Mini LS has low-power LED lights on the front and rear, you can enjoy excellent visibility and also be seen by pedestrians and motorists without taxing the strength of the battery. In fact, the Kymco Mini LS Scooter is capable of travelling up to 15 miles between charges. You can easy showcase your personality while driving the Kymco Mini LS by selecting your colour choice of black, blue, grey, white, orange, or golden lemon. You can feel comfortable about using the Kymco Mini LS outdoors, because it includes upgraded sport wheels, and puncture-proof tyres as standard.
  • Details

    Overall Width Armrest to Armrest 60 - 83cm/23.5-32.5"
    Overall Length 42.5" / 108cm
    Battery 2 x 12v - 22a/h
    Max. Range 16 miles
    Max. Speed 4mph
    Maximum user weight 21 stone / 133.6 kg
    Weight of heaviest part 19.5kg / 43 lbs
    Ground clearance 4cm /1.6"
    Turning radius 122 cm / 48"
    Warranty 1 year comprehensive
    Maximum Safe Slope 8 degrees
    Overall Width (in inches) Wheel to Wheel 52 cm / 20"



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